How do you do it?

My light display uses Light-O-Rama hardware and software. I run the Light-O-Rama software on a computer which tells the lights when to turn on and off. Connected to the computer is a FM transmitter that lets the music be heard in the cars. Also connected to the computer are data lines leading to the yard. There the data line connects to a controller, which has 16 outlets. These are what the lights are plugged into, allowing the computer to control them.

Who are you?

My name is Josh Robison. I am a Sophomore at PFW studying Computer Engineering Technology. I have always had an interest in electricity and lighting, and the light display provided the perfect place to showcase my passion. The display was originally created with my dad, but I have since taken over. I now design, program, and produce the display on my own.

What does your electric bill look like?

You'd be surprised to hear, but the show only costs 15$ for the month. All of the lights are LED and because they are synchronized to music, they are only on around 1/8 of the time.

How long does it take to setup?

I typically start setting up in October - November, depending on weather and my work/school schedule. The show for 2021 took me 200 hours to plan, design, program, and setup.

What lights do you use?

Almost all of the lights in the show are store bought lights. They don't have to be special because all of the synchronization is done with the controller they are plugged into. The exact lights I use are Menard's Enchanted Forest 70ct LED. The RGB tree isn't store bought lights however. It is using Light-O-Rama Cosmic Color Ribbon LED strips.

Where do you store everything?

All of the lights and structures are stored in my garage and attic. The lights are wound up on custom wooden spools by color. The rest is stored in bins in the attic. Some of the larger things are hung on the walls in the garage and attic as well.